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Whats so special about us?

Talent Solutions Ensures most suitable candidates for your Job description with a fast TAT

Yes, there are hundreds of recruitment agencies, so why should you work with us?

Our aim at Talent Solutions Inc is to completely take away all your worries.

we do that by investing time and effort in understanding your business, the profiles you need , the kind of people who will fit into your culture .

We don't send you resumes, we send you validated profiles who we have talked to and know will be the right fit. for some of our older customers, we have been able to bring the Profiles Shared to Selected candidates ratio to 5 - which means, the company selected one candidate from 5 candidates interviewed. 

This ensures you save lots of time and energy and are able to focus on more important things in your work.

Talent Solutions Inc process ensures you get right candidates with minimal efforts from clients

Our Process

We follow strict process protocols to ensure you get the right candidate by

- developing an understanding of your business

- understanding the profile you need 

- scouring the people working in your competitors, the kind of people you would like to have

- sharing upto 5 illustrative profiles for you to validate

- reaching out to similar profile to check availability, Skills match , Experience match , salary expectations and joining date 

- setting up the interviews ( and many times we might request you to allow us to be a part of the interviews )

- Sending regular reports for each position

- Following up with candidates once you shortlist them till the joining 

- Acting as a bridge for discussions, including negotiation support

Talent Solutions offers variety of recruitment fee depending on scope and for exclusive requirements

Our Offer

As any business, our business also thrives on long term relationships.

Our fees are inline with the industry for one-off requirements, but we are happy to offer special rates for exclusive and committed mandates.

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